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Detailed installation

No sub-contracting

Kitchen custom made


Ébénisterie Jacques Fortier is home to artisans who have mastered the craft of woodworking and whose passion and reach for perfection, functional designs and beauty have become the hallmark of our cabinetmaking business.


You can rely on our work and personalized service that have earned us the loyalty of growing number of clients and a leading position in the industry.


At every stage, from the careful selection of materials to the artful assembly and finishing of each cabinet, Ébénisterie Jacques Fortier delivers top quality making us the endearing true agent for all your projects.


Personalized design service


Custom furniture and kitchen cabinets

Spray painting, assembly and installation by our team 

(no outsourcing)

High quality hardware

Storage to maximize space

Free estimate

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R.B.Q. 8273-6133-31

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